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What is "The Biggest Loser Challenge"?

Biggest Loser is a season- long instruction program which encompasses private sessions, group practices, independent practice and On-Course Coaching. In addition to just coaching, players are competing to see who can improve the most individually and as a team.  The program will start in May and conclude at the end of September. Prizes are awarded to the students who drop the most total strokes off their handicap, drop the most strokes from their previous low score and drop the largest % of their handicap. The player who drops the most combined strokes off their handicap and from their low score will win a new set of custom fit irons.

Why does this program work?

Most golf instruction only focuses on one piece of a very complex puzzle. While private lessons may help your swing, rarely does it translate to lower scores. Playing lessons are very helpful, but you can only go so far without technical changes. This programs offers it all. It works on improving your swing and teaches you how to play and manage. In addition, it adds in a level of competition and community which has proven time and time again to accelerate progress.

Who is this program for?

  • Any player who wants to shoot lower scores

  • Any player frustrated with "conventional instruction

  • Any player who wants to be MORE CONSISTENT

  • Any Player who wants to learn course management

  • Any player who wants to change their swing

  • Any player who thinks they need to hit driver better

  • Any player who thinks they need short game help

  • Any Player.

What are the parts of the program?

Private Lessons

Up to 12

Private lessons are where you and your professional get together and hammer out the technical changes in your golf swing. Players receive up to 12 private lessons during the program.


Up to 6

On Course lessons offer the opportunity for your coach to help you learn course management and a place to work on special shots that you can't practice on a range. Players can receive up to 6 on course lessons.

Group practices

Up to 4

Group practices are a place we can offer general instruction to the entire group and focus more on skill building than technique building. Most group sessions are short game focused.

Practice challenges

No Limit

Every week or two, we will publish a practice challenge for you to complete. These challenges will encompass all areas of your game and keep your practice sessions fresh, fun and fast.

Monthly Matches

1 Per Month

Once per month the group will meet a compete in a management game which challenges your course management skills. Players will also get a chance to play with their pros.


What does this program cost?

The program can run between $200 - $500 per month. Not all programs are the same and a personal program will be made for each individual. Players and choose to pay all at once or per month.

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I'm not sure I can commit to the entire program, can I still join?

Yes. We have many players who take a month off and still are able to see great results. Fill out the form to speak to a professional.

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How is this program different from "The Player's Club"?

The Player's Club is great and focused 80% of the program on On-Course play. It became evident after a few years that it has it's limitations. While incredibly valuable, there are only so many times we can teach students The Scoring Method, tell them to aim away from trouble or not to hit a certain club before it gets repetitive and boring.

Biggest Loser takes the really good parts of players club (some on-course lessons, group practices, community building) and mixes in more personalized instruction.

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I shoot 120+, is this program for me?

YES!!!! This is the perfect program for you. Our instructors LOVE players who shoot high scores as they tend to loose the most strokes.

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I'm a low handicap, is this program for me?

Absolutely. The instruction you receive will be very beneficial and the "percent of handicap dropped" favors low handicaps which will allow you to win great prizes.

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I don't have a handicap, is that okay?

Yes. We will need to establish a handicap and retroactively post scores to get started.

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What is this team competition about?

The team competition will keep track of how many strokes your team loses over the year. Team comps have shown to be a great motivator.

In addition, the team comp gives your instructor a little extra skin in the game as there is a year end bonus for the instructors whose teams lose the most strokes.

If you're not interested in the team competition, you may have the option to opt out.

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