Our goal is simple, to make kids love the game of golf. Do this this we incorporate games into our learning environment, play rounds of golf from yardages we can succeed from and offer parents tools to help kids learn even when their away from the course.

More info, dates and class details are below or click the link to get started.

A complete program to develop golf skills for life.

1 - Train & Develop Your Skills

Our classes are FUN. Each week we focus on 1 to 2 skills. We have a dedicated learning time where a professional helps each student and then we play games to enhance learning.

2 - Play 9 Holes

All players in our program start from 25 yards. The objective is simple, shoot 36 or better, then move back.

Starting from so close allows students to focus on the key area needed to develop to move back and also have success on the course MUCH quicker.

3 - Train and Track Progress

Our Operation 36 app allows parents and grandparents to see and teach students the same things we teach in class. It also allows you to track your practice sessions so your coach can see what you've been doing away from the course and offer suggestions to help you improve.


3 Semesters - Spring, Summer & Fall

Each Session is 8 weeks

Spring Session - Starts the week of 8th runs through May. Registrations open February 15th

Summer Session - Starts the last week of June runs through August. Registrations open April 15th

Fall Session - Starts after Labor day runs through October. Registrations open July 15th

8 - One Hour Group Classes to focus on skill building

8 - Nine Hole Match Opportunities (Matches are optional, and take place on Saturday afternoons)

Maximum of 8:1 Student Teacher Ratio

Program Tuition: $330 per student per semester - Multiple student discounts are available

Additional Costs: $50 Annual Fee - Covers prizes, supplies, etc. Green Fees on match days ($10-$15 per round)